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At Tyler and Tyler PC, our attorneys have served clients for over 30 years by providing a wide range of legal services. We have over 60 years of combined trial experience in the courts. As a family of lawyers, we adhere to the philosophy that every case, whether in or out of the court room, must be handled with an aggressive professional approach that seeks to achieve the client’s goals in a proficient and cost effective manner. Through periodic family meetings on each and every case, our clients acquire the benefit of the combined knowledge and experience of the firm.

If you are faced with a legal matter, we as a family of lawyers will have the experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to assist you.

Click on one of the major areas of law on the left. This will open specific subheadings. Each subheading in turn will open to general information about that particular area of law that is of interest to you. For assistance and for further information contact: Tyler and Tyler, PC (989) 362-8668